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hot phlebotomist flirting w me by telling me about her veterinary care studies and i shyly told her that i once had a job doing animal research

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i would follow you to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining 

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this is important to me


this is important to me

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my religion is all-purpose antibacterial cleaner

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if i go to bed RIGHT NOW i can still get six hours of sleep

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if you have school tomorrow


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Fun things to ask your drunk friends!

  1. Which god would you let do you in the butt?
  2. Which god would you peg, non-sex specific?
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if you black out upon orgasm please see a physician bc that speaks to troubling blood pressure issues

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yeahhhh well im a) hungry and b) nothing if not self aware, so

yeahhhh well im a) hungry and b) nothing if not self aware, so

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immediately cosmically punished HATCHACHA

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jean valjeaning some veggies from this community garden

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he’s gonna do it he’s gonna have to go through with it because he’s a dumbfuck who makes impossible promises and is too much of a pussy to be like “actually nnnno tho” IM

our jaeger will be called “earnest regret”